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Re: What were you drinking when you wrote this?

Peter Jonas wrote:

Shockwave wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

Shockwave wrote:

Honestly this is the biggest load of biased hogwash bowing to sponsors crap I have ever seen in my life.

I think your post was no less biased.

At least the DP Review writes have actually used all the cameras they have written about. What is best for whom is quite subjective, and forming an opinion about it involves way more than assessing technical specifications.

It looks like you have arrived at a different conclusion. No big deal.

However, in my view, your utter disrespect for the DP Review people's conclusion eliminates all possibilities of yours being respected to any degree.

The point of view that the only possible reason for others not to share your opinion is that they are paid off is rather narrow minded, and merits no further comment.

DP Review may well be asking: who is paying you?

You're assuming I haven't. How do you know I haven't?

We can clarify that here and now. Have you?

I have used Nikon for an extended period of time before switching to Fuji.

I had the D750 along with a whole heap of Nikon pro gear. I had the D700 before that. The D750 was plagued by shutter recall issues, mine was sent in to Nikon 3 times. This isn't a single issue, it was something that a large portion of the D750 customer base were exposed to. So how exactly does the D750 qualify as a best when it's been plagued by reliability issues? Surely that would have been one of the criteria for measurement?

I am very confident DP Review considered all aspects of the of all cameras before reaching their conclusion, which from what I know about the D750 doesn't seem unreasonable.

I'm very confident they didn't because their selection of cameras for the segments seems to have no alignment. I.e. their selection of best camera in each segment has an influence on the outcome. If I pick a Ferrari, and 4 saloon cars and then come to the conclusion that the Ferrari is the fastest car on the market, is that true? No, because I haven't actually selected the fastest cars on the planet to compare it to.

For the parent category as an example, they selected:

  • EOS M
  • Canon PowerShot G1 X III
  • Nikon D7500
  • Sony a7 II
  • Sony a6300
  • Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V

Was 3 Sony's necessary? No Olympus? No Fujifilm? No Panasonic? Was the D7500 and a7 even appropriate in this category if what they were looking for was a compact ILC? Surely when you put together a list for a particular category you consider what you are looking for? I.e. I am looking for the best compact ILC cameras on the market.

If you looked at this criteria, this is probably the only post in history where someone would compare these as alternative options for a buyer. I.e. you would simply never get a buyer saying" Hi there, I'm looking to buy either a X, Y, Z" and looking for advice on which is the best one.

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