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Re: You still don't get it, do you?

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I believe the real purpose of introducing equivalence dicsussions in the M43 forum is to persuade aspiring photographers to switch to full frame camera systems.

I heartily disagree with that assertion. There seems to be infinitely more tolerance for untruths told in order to persuade aspiring photographers to switch to M43 than for the truth to be told so that aspiring photographers can simply make the decision which is best for them.

The only ILC's I have ever owned have all been M43, yet not once have I ever felt pressured to do anything but enjoy my choice by any of the equivalence "zealots" that are so much maligned here. In fact I think that Great Bustard, who seems to be hated as the ringleader of the Equivalence religion, has stated over and over and over that most people would be better served by M43 than by Full Frame. Of course that isn't enough because there seem to be many that need to believe that M43 beats every other format hands down in order to be satisfied with their choice.

The principles that Equivalence describes only seem to be hard to understand when M43 is being compared to a larger format. They suddenly become quite a bit clearer when the comparison is between M43 and a digicam.


The basic problem is that "equivalence" is quite unimportant to the art and craft of photography.

Yes, but it is only the half of the equation. The other part is that the equivalance concept is simply not valid (its misleading character is evident; and it also has nothing common with Physics, as the authors try to convince everybody). For example the sensors of different size but with same pixels density are characterized by the same level of noise, dynamic range and so on (same technology is assumed). It is a huge myth on significance of the sensor size for the mentioned properties. The real advantage of the big sensors is that you can put more pixels at the same density and get more information from an image.

Of course, you are mistaken on all points, and mistaken in no small way. Still, I've yet to see any of the anti-Equivalence crowd let the facts get in the way of their opinion or stop them from misrepresenting what Equivalence says and failing to credit Equivalence for what it does say, so carry on, I guess.

You still don't get it, do you?

Most of the anti equivalence crowd as you call them, are anti not because they reject the theory or do not believe that it is correct.

Most of the anti equivalence crowd are anti because they are tired of the way you constantly hijack and polute this forum just trying to show off by explaining how clever you are compared to all the other ignorants out ther. and it is not only with equivallence, it is almost with every topic even before it.

But of course, being rude and arrogant as you are, you don't have to agree with me because stopping that will take a way a big chunk of your raison d'etre in this forum. And before accuse me to be an "entertainer" aas you usually do with your rathe limited vocabulary, I have a suggestion to make, if you have the guts to accept it.

So here's the deal. We put up a poll in the MFT forum asking everyone weather they want you to continue preaching your theories here the way you do, or not.

If the majority will want you to continue, I speak no more. I the majoroty will be against it, you promis to respect this decision and never ever polite the MFT forum with your unwanted stuff. Those who are interested in equivallence, will alwayd know where to find you or the other equivallence crowd outside the MFT forum.

Ready for the challenge?


The odd thing about this all is how many of the crowd who say they hate equivalence discussions spend their time starting equivalence threads (usually under the guise of saying how much they dislike them). Generally, you will find that the "other equivallence crowd" is purely reactive. That is, they react to what they see as very obvious falsehoods being put forward. Since they are reactive, there is a simple remedy. Stop starting threads which are clearly related to equivalence (which includes ones about how brilliant Panalympus is for boiling down a 600mm f/4 lens to half the size and a quarter of the size of the 'dinosaurs') and you won't get equivalence threads. You'll notice that threads simply extolling the very genuine virtues of the system don't raise the issue of equivalence because there is no reason that they should.

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