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Re: What are the DPreview writers drinking when they write this?

Bill Ferris wrote:

In the category, "Best Camera for Parents," here are the X-E3 cons that eliminate it as a viable contender as "Best Available":

  • Fixed rear LCD (non-tilting/articulating)
  • No built-in flash
  • No IBIS for video

The first two items are legitimate deal-breakers for a parent. When photographing babies, toddlers and younger children, you get better photos when you can put the lens at eye level. A tilting touchscreen makes that so much easier. An articulating screen that can be flipped into selfie mode is even better. Family vacation photos and videos are a breeze when the parent holding the camera can see the framing.

The absence of a built-in flash is equally disqualifying. Nighttime events, birthday parties, family campouts...these are situations where a parent may want that pop-up flash for a bit of easily accessible additional light.

IBIS for video is a feature that helps the top contenders in this category stand out from the X-E3. Even if the parent is using the cheapest kit lens to shoot a birthday party video, they get stabilization.

The lack of these features doesn't make the X-E3 a bad camera; not by any stretch. However, it does remove the camera as a viable contender for the title, "Best Available," in this specific category.

Olympus EM10 has ibis in photo and video mode, EOS M only in video. It has built in flash and 4K video. I would say based on those criteria the Olympus beats the EOS M.

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