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Re: The Equivalence Trap

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I believe the real purpose of introducing equivalence dicsussions in the M43 forum is to persuade aspiring photographers to switch to full frame camera systems.

I heartily disagree with that assertion. There seems to be infinitely more tolerance for untruths told in order to persuade aspiring photographers to switch to M43 than for the truth to be told so that aspiring photographers can simply make the decision which is best for them.

The only ILC's I have ever owned have all been M43, yet not once have I ever felt pressured to do anything but enjoy my choice by any of the equivalence "zealots" that are so much maligned here. In fact I think that Great Bustard, who seems to be hated as the ringleader of the Equivalence religion, has stated over and over and over that most people would be better served by M43 than by Full Frame. Of course that isn't enough because there seem to be many that need to believe that M43 beats every other format hands down in order to be satisfied with their choice.

The principles that Equivalence describes only seem to be hard to understand when M43 is being compared to a larger format. They suddenly become quite a bit clearer when the comparison is between M43 and a digicam.


The basic problem is that "equivalence" is quite unimportant to the art and craft of photography.

That is a personal take that may be applicable to some people such as you. If you have a tool you really have to learn how to use it. On the other hand that may be too tough for some people and can, for their legitimate purposes, simply be avoided.

Art and craft can be a very broad range. For example, I can shoot on my Nikon in FX and DX format. Knowledge of equivalence is definitely useful to understand how many of the aspects of image quality can be maintained between formats. It is also useful when I have to understand the effect of severe crop and the maintenance of quality. This is just as applicable mft as it is to FF.

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Charles Darwin: "ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."

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