X-Pro2 and dual card slots - what's the best set-up?

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Re: X-Pro2 and dual card slots - what's the best set-up?

the "answer" to this question depends entirely upon how you shoot and how you process.

I shoot high speed bursts of sports action.  Every so often the action is such that I overwhelm my camera's ability to save and need to stop for a second or two.

I have a fast card in slot 1 which is able to take advantage of it.  I shoot RAW to slot 1 and JPG to slot 2.  I don't believe that the speed of the card in slot 2 has an impact on camera speed at all as the JPG's are so much smaller than the RAW files.

This setup also gives me the ability to zoom in to review a shot if I need to.  Switch to slot 2 and you can zoom quite a bit closer in review.

The disadvantage to this is that I have 2 cards to download to my computer.

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