Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

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Re: Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

cyberpi1 wrote:

APS-C 1/60th f/1.8 ISO1600 will provide the same exposure as FF 1/60th f/2.8 ISO1600

F2.8 and f1.8 will give you different total exposure in this case.

No they won’t, exposure will be same. You are mixing brightness of the image to the exposure. Exposure tells you how much light has been captured by the sensor and that’s the thing that matters, not the brightness of the image.

Brigthness can be changed in postproduction or in camera simpy by changing the ISO. Neither of those things won’t change the underlying amount of captured light, which is the single most important factor to S/N-ratio ie. visual noise in the image.

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