Metabones Mark iV vs V?

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Re: Metabones Mark iV vs V?

ylimehajile wrote:

pixelationX wrote:

I do tight horizontal cinematic headshots so 200mm is kind of a requirement to have a nice bokeh. I bought this 200mm f2.8 as it's cheap and sharp and renders very nice bokeh. Yes it's an old lens. It I've also tried the new sigma 85mm f1.4 art...that also gives me similar results ...

I am getting very few shots where the eye is in perfect focus...all other times it's either few mm front or back focus. That means probably the lens is not the issue.

People suggested using the green mode I did that and the focus is fine but it takes forever to find the spot and it .oves in steps and have to try 3-4 times before it locks on. I have tried wide, single point small large...simply nothing works.

Now if this 200mm lens is too old then I am willing to give the 70-200 f2.8 IS a try if anyone has any experience with That? Sony version is super expensive.

If it's gonna be like this then I'd be better off buying 5dsr and use the 70-200 lens...costs about the same my setup now.

I have the Metabones 5 and the Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS L v1. I bought the Metabones for this very lens because it is the lens I use 75% of the time on my Canon 5dm3.

Unfortunately It behaves exactly as you describe. In green mode it hunts and hunts and hunts. I know it's an 'old' lens but I was really hoping for better behavior - very disappointing. I'll use it in advanced mode until I can upgrade to a Sony. On the positive side, in this mode, it acts very much like it's on my Canon. You just don't get all of the Sony goodness.

Can u check if the focus is accurate at headshots range? How many times the eye is in perfect focus at f3.2? With eye af and single point please.


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