Adobe CS3. Is Adobe the worst company ever?

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Adobe CS3. Is Adobe the worst company ever?

Maybe a bit if an exaggeration but it must be up there with thw worst.

Yesterday, for no clear reason, my CS3 decided it needed to be reactivated. And the activation failed continuously. it also said that only 5 days remained to complete this activation ( It have beem activated and used continuously for past 8 yrs).

Activation offered a phone activation but when I called that number a recorded message said that was no longer available and directed me to the website. There I was told that servers for CS3 had been retired and I would need to get a new serial number, uninstall my current copy of the software and reinstall from there website.

Two hours later, having downloaded all the necessary files, including a third part installer needed to install the Adobe installer, I had all the components installed. And It also refused to activate.

On to customer care and chat. Which had me waiting for about 2 hours, dropping me a few times, and then finally cutting me off.

This morning, after 8 hrs sleep, I returned to chat, to be directed to a forum. This was presented as a dedicated CS3 team but in fact was simply a link to another link etc. Finally 'chat' cut me off.

One option on customer care 'chat' was to have the conversation emailed to me . And it agreed to do that. However I received an email from Adobe right now saying, and I quote "We have resolved your Download/Install issue and are closing case number ADB-405293-W4T7"

CS3 cost a lot of money and I used most of the component, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, in particular. I recently purchased Lightroom 6 . I now have absolutely no confidence in Adobe going into the future and I will have to search for another company who might be more reliable.

I am an Adobe registered user and the CS3 is registered to my account so they know that it is a legitimate copy. I still have the nice box it all came in

I just wonder if anyone has had  anything similar happen to them?

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