Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

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Re: Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

I had basically two issues with BR. I am active, hiking in the White Mtns of New Hampshire, etc. With BR attachment at single point and moving about there is constant bouncing and swiveling of the camera on hip requiring one to constantly use one hand to secure camera. This movement is far greater than I experience when using conventional attachment method. This constant use of one hand can be limiting.

I had none of the bent camera body type issues to which you refer.

1. Earlier BR carabiner design had a locking hub to prevent carabiner opening which tended to loosen as camera bounced and swiveled. Very frequent checking needed to retighten was necessary. I removed hand from camera while stepping over something not realizing hub had loosened, carabiner opened and camera lens combo fell. I believe this has been redesigned, but without excessive vigilance I still would not consider BR suitable for anything but sedentary use.

2. The screw in for the tripod socket tended to loosen as well with the repetitive bouncing. Again remedied by frequent checking, but I have no need for a strap that leaves one constantly insecure about integrity. The very existence of all these commercial (even BR offers security straps!) and do it yourself straps suggests I am not alone.

Some swear by these BR straps and the many current and extinct copies, but they just did not work for me.


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