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Re: What are the DPreview writers drinking when they write this?

Shockwave wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

Shockwave wrote:

George1958 wrote:

It fine to disagree, no one is making you eat it, but why be so aggressive ?

because it’s deceptive. It’s marketing crap passed off as an article. It’s insulting to the readers to put this crap in front of them and expect them to eat it. It’s the epitome of everything wrong with journalism today, a lack of integrity.

It's certainly not my job to defend DPR, and I'm not doing so here. However, the editors are entitled to their opinions and to state it in whatever form they wish. It's their site after all. You are also entitled to disagree, though I frankly might suggest that you're making a mountain out of a molehill. If you don't like the list... ignore it. BTW, I would expect Canikon to dominate a list like that since they do, in fact, dominate the market right now, for better or worse.

Sorry, but this feels like a whole lot of righteous indignation over nothing.

Yes, they are entitled to their opinions, it is their site, but this site is called "dpreview" which portrays some level of objectivity, not "dpopinion".

At some point in time, dpreview had a bit of credibility in their articles, to me personally it seems that is gone. The rediculous nature of the articles is out of hand. The last stupid one I saw, tried to claim the GFX wasn't that spectacular because 3 cameras could beat it if you combined the specs of all 3. What the? And then this? How did olympus not make it into that list? Or Pentax? And yet the EOS M finds not one, but two places? Sorry, that isn't opinion, that's a joke.

As stated already, the Canon M6 won the "best camera for parents" category. You don't need 50 lenses in a system to win that. You beloved Fujis actually show up in the individual "contests" as candidates, but they did not win. Thus, they are not mentioned in the summary article. It is quite easy to understand.

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