Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

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Re: Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

nptech wrote:

So I just purchased a Macbook Pro and have some further thoughts to add on this.
Mine is a 2017, 2.9ghz, radeon 560 4gb, 16gb ram model.

On import it's quick but the fan noise is ridiculous. To the point where it's just incredibly distracting.

During the editing process in lightroom the laptop does heat up and the fan gets unbearably loud. The sliders all work pretty flawlessly and quickly, the spot removal tool definitely slows things down a bit though.

Is this normal for those editing in lightroom for the fan's to kick up a fuss? It's honestly making me turn off the MBP for editing as it's just far too distracting.

My MBP (2015 model 15" maxed) fans run up also. I just keep the MBP raised up on a Rain Stand to allow best ventilation around and I also gently blow/vacuum the dust out of the hinge vents periodically.

I also plug in some headphones... but that's moreso because I like listen music to get my creative juices flowing.

LR is massively CPU intensive. That's the nature of parametric editing. PS is a much quieter experience for me unless I am really zoomed on a very complex image and doing detailed mask drawing.

I don't think there is much can do, other than ensuring venting for the MBP is good, and then (for example) letting import and preview-build phases complete before starting the actual Develop Module adjustments. May be some way of lightening the CPU/GPU load using Smart Previews, but I have never explored that way of working.

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