Numbers vs. judgement

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Re: The Equivalence Trap

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Guy Parsons wrote:

The real use of equivalence is to gently explain to someone why their 1/2.33" sensor pocket camera with a 25-700mm equivalent small aperture lens does not produce as good a result as their friend who has a Canikon FF DSLR with some chunky constant f/2.8 zoom on it.

My little Olympus Tough TG-5 with its 25-100mm f2 lens produces pretty good images for what it is, shoots RAW, 4K and has an amazing macro (nay, micro) capability. I'd love to see a FF camera attached to the bullbar of my 4WD and take it on our rough off-road tracks to take video of the driving.

And to be completely honest, I don't need any equivalence theory with this camera (or any camera for that matter), I can visually see what I'm getting by looking at the LCD or through the OVF/EVF. That's all I've ever been doing since my film days.

My point as well. And by using it frequently, you know what depth of field you will get wide open, what shutter speed is fast enough to avoid blur, and how it works with flare and glare.

Is it storming?

I could pull up a weather site, enter my town, and scroll down to the current conditions to determine how the wind is blowing, and how heavy the rain is falling. If I wanted more accuracy, I could install my own weather station, and compute the current conditions from the displayed data. I could then extrapolate what clothing I should wear when I go outside.

Or I could look out the window and pull on a jacket I've used for years.

No, it's not perfect, but using LiveView is the equivalent of looking out the window.

A weather forecasting rock works best

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