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Horacecoker wrote:

AlwynS wrote:

Seeing as today was supposed to be bright and sunny I decided to go back to where I got some decent shots of Short Eared owls and Harriers in gloomy light. Instead the day turned out to be all about Bald Eagles.

Even though taken from behind I still think this is one of my best ever Bald Eagle shots:

One was regal:

And one just looked scruffy:

One seemed menacing:

And this poor guy was in those in-between years: am I a kid or am I an adult? Adolescence can be hard...

Great images of a majestic bird, well done Alwyn!

Thanks David: appreciate the compliment.

Not sure why you are shooting at F7.1 on a couple of the images when the lens is pin sharp at F4. At f7.1 you lose out on higher shutter speeds or lower ISO for best image quality. Not that there's anything wrong with the image quality on these shots.

Me, lowering my head in shame and embarrasment...

Why the smaller aperture? In a word: operator error!

My "perched bird" setup is largely a replication of what I used on the FZ1000. My sense is that the FZ1000 was far less likely to stop down than the RX10. So easy to fall into the trap of "well, that was what I did before and it was OK so I will just do it again!". I learned my lesson on my "BIF setup": I will have to pretty much replicate quite a bit of that in terms of the exposure side for my perched bird setup and just change the focusing and metering settings plus a couple of other potential tweaks.


Speaking of image quality, coincidentally someone has just started a thread with a couple of photos very similar to yours in the nature and wildlife forum. First image taken with Nikon full frame camera, second with APS-C Nikon (guy has two bodies). The lens used was a Nikkor prime 400mm F4. Lens plus both bodies cost roughly $14,000 with a combined weight of nearly 11lb.

Check the images out here

Methinks our little RX10iv at $1700 and 2.4lb in weight stands up very well in comparison image quality wise. In fact your images look better to me. Makes a bit of a mockery of folk saying the RX10iv is expensive and heavy!! Not true for birders, that's for sure

SACRILEGE! You have been around long enough to know you cannot say things like that David! 

I suppose we all have different levels of expectations and needs. For three-four years I was VERY happy with my FZ1000: I felt it had a brilliant balance between cost, complexity, weight, size and IQ FOR MY NEEDS. Now, with the change to the RX10, I am again (still?) extremely happy. I feel that it has given me just that small "next step" level of capability boost while remaining affordable (to me), portable and usable.

To each his own

And BTW: the setting of the photographs you referenced remind me of some shots I got at our local bird sanctuary (Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary) recently:

I might have done the lighting a bit starkly (is that a word?) and I am not sure if my old eyes are playing me tricks (or if I am biased...), but I really think these RX10 images are sharper than the FF & APS images. Not sure if they were perhaps further away and PP-ed? And I fully recognise that one example/comparison does not a summer make... or am I mixing my Swallow & my Bald Eagle metaphors?

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