Numbers vs. judgement

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Re: Mumbo jumbo with numbers

Moti wrote:

Okapi001 wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Yes the numbers exist, but all those people use their judgment to take the shot, because they don't even know about the numbers.

Their photos are not properly exposed and focused because of their good judgement, but thanks to advanced eletcronics in their cameras.

Utter nonsense. Even if their cameras use advanced technolog and have AF, it is still the photographer who has to know where to focus, it is the photographer who knows how to get the required exposure, the required composition and the list is long. So any way you look at it, judgement is important.

Give them a manual camera and all their good judgments will suddenly disapear.

Another nonsense. This is typical gearhead talk. Manual camera means nothing. You can be an excellent photographer using Auto mode and a lousy one using manual.

My wife doesn't look at figures, never heard about equivallence, doesnt know how to calculate DOF, shoots half of the time in P mode etc. And yet, this did not disturb her from becoming a Fellow of the Royal Photography Society, Exhibiting and selling her photos internationally, and having her work chosen by the British media archives as part of the UK national art collection. And why is that? Because unlike most of you gearheads, she has a good eye, a good vision, great talent and good judgement which which are always there and never disappear.


Interested primarily in photos are you? Sorry wrong forum


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