Numbers vs. judgement

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Re: Mumbo jumbo with numbers

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Yes the numbers exist, but all those people use their judgment to take the shot, because they don't even know about the numbers.

Their photos are not properly exposed and focused because of their good judgement, but thanks to advanced eletcronics in their cameras.

Utter nonsense. Even if their cameras use advanced technolog and have AF, it is still the photographer who has to know where to focus, it is the photographer who knows how to get the required exposure, the required composition and the list is long. So any way you look at it, judgement is important.

If they're taking photos with their cellphone or tablet I'll bet dollars to donuts that the camera is choosing the exposure and focus point.

That is true for the majority but mind you, I have an iPhone 6s and can manually set the exposure and the focus point as I wish, but this is not the point. I think you just lost your bet.

The photographer is just pointing the camera in the right direction and hitting the shutter button.

Not necessarily, and I wouldn't call that a photographer. A good photographer, even with a smartphone, is still taking care about the subject, the composition, the story, the light and some other photography aspects which makes the difference.

How can you that if you don't know the numbers? How do you choose the desired DoF without knowing the role of aperture?

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