Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

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Re: Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

cyberpi1 wrote:

rich07 wrote:

Except that charts like this can be misleading.

Sure, the A6300 and A7 match their PDR curves for higher noise, but that is not the entire story.

The sensor size itself accounts for a +1EV difference. Or, if you were exposing at ISO 3200 and e.g. 1/60th on the A6300, using f/1.8, you'd have to use f/2.8 on the A7 to match this. In practicality, you'd be using f/1.8 on the A7 and sacrifice DOF, and the result'd be that you would be shooting at ISO 1600 for a +1EV less noisier picture.

Hi Henry,

What I'm disagreeing with is the above paragraph which is implying that under the same conditions APS-C 1/60th f/1.8 ISO1600 will provide the same exposure as FF 1/60th f/2.8 ISO1600.

Dude, that’s nonsense. Total exposure = Shutter speed + Aperture (f-number) + ISO. And that’s true for any sensor size.

PS To be even more precise, you can swap f-number with t-number (the amount of actual light transmitted by lens).

Aren't we in agreement then?

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