Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

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Re: Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

Vince P wrote:

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Vince P wrote:

I don't see how that is better. In fact that is still supported by the tripod thread but with a mechanical advantage that means it is exerting quite a bit more force on the tripod thread than if it was just screwed straight in.

If I remember my high school physics correctly, a lateral load has been substituted for a direct load. That means the plate is bearing the brunt of the load, which is now being spread laterally over the length of the base plate instead of being focused directly above the tripod screw.

Regardless, the QD system is a more robust attachment system with fewer points of failure.

Your high school Physics teacher would be so sad. There is only one point of attachment to the camera. Applying the force away from that point crates a pivot at the opposite end. Imagine lifting a plank with someone stood in the middle. That said I am sure it won't break.

At least I took physics. If you had, you would know that you just confirmed my point using a different example. The force would be spread out over the plate which would bear the brunt of the force, like your hypothetical plank. That's what a cantilever does. But since the plate is thicker and likely stronger than the bottom of the camera as well as the tripod mount, it's very likely a non-issue.

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