Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

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Vince P wrote:

papparazzi wrote:

Camera tripod plate are designed to be used ON A TRIPOD. This kind of strap design will harm the body because the tripod sockect is not made to sustain the weight. Even If they were free I would NEVER use them.

Damage to the base plate or body chassis are not covered by warranty or worst cant be fixed if chassis is bent.

I have seen this a lot. I asked NPS and they asked Nikon Japan, the tripod thread is rated as a support point for all current DSLRs and lenses. I am not saying use blackrapid or whatever but the tripod mount as a weak point is not an issue.

Edit sorry just realised this was a resurrected thread by a fly by first post. Things have moved on. I mean there was a company called photobucket back then

If a camera is held in portrait mode vertically "hanging off the tripod via the mounting plate/screw", it would be bad design if any camera maker designed the tripod screw to not be able to cope with that static load just sitting there all day--with the camera body plus the heaviest lens that doesn't have a tripod foot.

However, carrying via a strap adds a shock load.  The camera accelerates with every step and tugs at the strap attachment point.  The camera lugs are designed for this out of necessity.  Tripod screw?  Maybe, maybe not.  Your post doesn't clarify wither Nikon means support using only a tripod and the camera just sitting there, or if it can take shock loads either pulling at the tripod screw or shear loads across the tripod screw.

Personally, I want to have at least one mounting point as the strap lug, and preferably that one taking most of the load.  Even if the risk is negligible using the tripod socket and the only source of support when using a strap, I like the peace of mind.

Just my thoughts on the matter

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