Am I giving up too much to get with Fuji

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Re: Am I giving up too much to get with Fuji

Your decision will really depend on what you would like to use it for. Let me explain myself as I have both systems that you mention.

I tend to use the fuji system (X-E2) when I know I want better image quality, the pace of working will generally be slower, and I want file that will offer better manipulation. So, if I know that I'm going to be purposefully taking my time with portraits or shooting landscapes, I'll bring my fujis. Still, the lenses are generally bigger on fujis. I would love to buy the 23mm f/2 WR as it would make the camera much more portable.

I do find myself using my Panasonic G7 much more for family oriented stuff as the system on a whole is smaller and faster to work with, especially for children. The face detection on the G7 is great and is really the difference between nabbing an in focus shot and missing it entirely. The tilt swivel screen works exceptionally well for getting those low to the ground shots I always try to get of my two young sons. In fact my panasonic 42.5mm 1.7 is my go to child portrait lens for it's speed. I still get plenty of bokeh as the smaller child allows me to get that much closer to fill the frame. I also find the 12-35mm 2.8 a fantastically sharp general purpose lens that's extremely fast focusing on panasonic bodies.

I think both are highly capable systems. The larger sensor always get's the nod in terms of potential image quality. But the smaller u43 systems are more portable due to their smaller lens systems and are generally faster to work with. For exposure, I think of shooting u43 like shooting slide film as you have a narrower latitude to work, but that doesn't stop you from taking great photos; you just need to be more conscious with what you are doing. Your camera decisions rest in what matters most to you.

Look at these flickr accounts below using some of the systems listed above. I think these photographers would do great with either system. Ultimately it's up to their skill.

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