Am I giving up too much to get with Fuji

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Re: Am I giving up too much to get with Fuji

borderplatz wrote:

limited to the 18-55 kit lens? i have the 14, 16, 35f2, but Im waiting on the first clunky 35 f1.4, i just ordered, im even looking for the early, 18mm, each lens is unique, dont limit yourself to the kit zoom, Im so hooked on their primes, i dont have one yet, that big zoom your considering, personally would not use much, welcome, ill still be accumulating

I think you may have missed the financial restraints hinted at by the OP.

Yours would really be a post suggesting to stay away from ILC is a route to solvency as I am doing at the moment. Probably a fast fixed lens 1" would be a suggestion but an 18-55 XT20 is a great combination and possibly a fast prime later.

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