4/3 lens on EM10?

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Re: 4/3 lens on EM10?

StanTsui wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

My 9-18 Legacy DSLR lens focuses as fast as the native m43s 9-18 and offers a bit better image quality I think. I tested this in the shop when I bought my camera, neither myself of the shop clerk could tell the difference in speed even in dim light.

My 9-18 and my 14-54 work great on my E-M10 mk1! Focus with the 14-54 is a bit slower than the native kit lens, but more than makes up for it in image quality. The 14-54 is BETTER on the E-M10 than it was on my E30. These two lenses are a bit larger than the native lenses, but the addition of an external grip makes it easy to hold them and the camera body.

The only lens I HAD to replace for my E-M10 was that larger 1st gen 40-150 that came with a 2 lens kit on the E500. It was VERY slow to autofocus even in good light. I replaced that lens with the m43s 40-150 kit.

I have both 14-54 and 12-60, to pair either one with em10+mmf kinda deflect the purpose? the 12-60 alone likely bigger than em10/14-42

the 12-60 will be huge on the E-M10, the 14-54 is merely "big", but I find it acceptable to carry on longish day hikes. I'm too old for heavy duty hiking! The m43s native kit OLYMPUS M.14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II R is a fairly decent lens in its own right, but the 14-54 is still better. I bought the kit lens for its light weight and speed of operation, but I kept the 14-54 because I love it.

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