The Fuji XF Arsenal. What to Take?

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The Fuji XF Arsenal. What to Take?

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I need your input. Pictured here are 12 of the 13 Fuji XF lenses I own. (The shot was taken this afternoon with the 18-55). In my excitement, after having acquired the brick, and 56 yesterday, I lined them all up from smallest to largest and took this shot -- 23/35/50 F2s, 16, 56, 10-24, 90, 16-55, 55-200, 80, 50-140 and the 100-400.

Imagine a hypothetical. You fly to Santiago Chile in January and stay over 6 weeks traveling up and down the longest, narrowest country in the world. In that 6+ weeks you rent 5 cars after having taken five internal flights that include Easter Island, Patagonia in the far South, the Atacama Desert in the far North, the Lake district in the southern-middle and Santiago/ Valparaiso / Wine Country in the middle of Chile.

You decide to carry 7 or 8 Fuji lenses on the airplane packed in soft pouches and stuffed in your spouse's and your own hiking backpacks. When you are out on foot during the trip (hiking or touring) you decide to carry five lenses with you in your backpack or shoulder bag.

Which 7 or 8 lenses would you take on the plane?

I respect those that say they would only take 2 or 3, or maybe just the travel zoom trio of 10-24, 18-55, 55-200. I get that. That works. But I want to know which of these 13 XF lenses you would take, and the number has to be 7 or 8.

I'm thinking of taking these 8 lenses on the trip: the three little F2 primes (they are fun and take up no room), the Mighty 16, 10-24, 55-200, the 50-140 with 1.4 converter (big I know) and the brick. Why the brick? Because I just got it and I want to shoot with it, even though it needs OIS and that makes me so mad at Fuji for not putting OIS on the brick that I waited 3 years to buy it....

The 100-400, 80, 90, 56 and 18-55 stay home.

What say you?

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