4/3 lens on EM10?

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Re: for use with the 50-200, I STRONGLY endorse an E-M1

StanTsui wrote:

I understand but also try to keep the cost in check, a used em1 cost $600US, a used em10ii cost $350.

And I am unlikely going to haul the 50-200, I am hoping I can get by with m4/3 40-150. It is less about the weight more about the size.

As I said, the main reason to get an E-M1 would be if you really wanted to continue using the 50-200mm lens and also the 12-60mm lens with m43. They are fine, fast lenses, and you could think of the E-M1 as the logical successor to the 4/3 DSLRs like your e-3, but with a much newer and better sensor, when using those lenses.

But I get your concerns about size and weight. For me, if I'm going really size/weight conscious, I go pure micro4/3. OTOH, if I care more about fast aperture glass, I go with the E-M1 and legacy 4/3 glass (and some manual glass). However, the 4/3 version of the 9-18 is probably pretty usable with any micro 4/3 body, because focus is not going to be critical, just about everything will be in focus - just make sure that you set the camera to continuous AF and to fire with the shutter taking priority over the focus, since the camera might hunt focus, but in reality everything will be pretty well focused. even if the camera is still hunting for perfection.

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