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Re: Judgement rocks !!

nzmacro wrote:

Okapi001 wrote:

So, the too shallow thread is full, but at the end a couple of interesting comments appeared:

#1 "No figures exist except those in my head that says I like it or I don't. So What you like with a silly bunch of numbers doesn't work in my head."

#2 "That's one reason why I disagree with the equivalence religion purveyors - they try to reduce judgement to a set of (approximate) numbers. Give me judgement any day."

I (almost) completely disagree with this. Or, as somebody would say, that is being "willfully ignorant"

Yes, to recognize a nice photo you don't need any numbers. You don't have to know the golden ratio to recognize a good composition, and you don't have to know what an aperture is to see the image in properly exposed.

However, if you want to make a good photo, you do have to know your numbers, and how to use them. You have to know what is the effect of f/1.2 versus some other aperture, to choose the most appropriate for the purpose. You can of course use iAuto or Programm or some other advanced feature of the camera, but I don't know any good photographer who doesn't know and use the numbers (aperture in relation to DoF and exposure, shutter speed in relation to exposure and motion blur, ISO in relation to exposure and noise, focal lenght in relation to perspective and magnification ...).

Again, gees.

I'll take you out shooting BIF's and power boats at over 250kph and see how you get on. My figures are all in my head and automatic. What are you going to do, sit there and work it all out, good luck with that.

Now that's not what that thread was about. when it comes to DOF my head tells me what works and what doesn't. You certainly don't decide with your figures.

To put it plainly, I'm a human not a darn calculator. We need light and we need settings, man there's a revelation. that must be a new thing that's been discovered.

I know what I like to see, you don't and that's a simple fact. What the exact settings are for a shot that I like to see and view, doesn't even come into it. I know what I like. Give me "Impact" and how it got there, I couldn't care less.

All the best and is that really that hard to understand, gees.


experience does indeed count for a lot, doing the aviation photo stuff and turning up to a known spot and just getting on with it was the name of the time or patience for fiddling around with the little black box in my hands

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