What a joke UPS is!!!

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Re: What a joke UPS is!!!

sat24 wrote:

Focus Camera came thru fabulously and got my A7R3 out of their warehouse as promised via UPS Next Day Air Saturday Delivery at no extra charge.

Now the package is still at Newark, NJ. No way it can make it to Seattle today (which means my sunday engagement is screwed royally). After about 24 hrs of having been picked up. Are you kidding me???

To anyone from UPS reading this: you had ONE job to do. Deliver my package on the date you promised and then took my money to do that. You failed.

So to sum up you didn't realize or more likely ignored out of gear lust several very basic common sense things most people intuitively know and are now whining about your own lack of judgement.  Those things being:

A.  This time of year is super busy for all shippers and you should expect there could be delays or even more lost or damage packages in the rush.

B. You should never, ever rely on new gear you don't have experience with and haven't tested extensively for something important whether it's photography or  any other pursuit.

C. Since your post is worded like it it, I'm assuming you had no other camera to use so C. is, you should never sell your current, known to work gear before buying the new, untested gear for any professional or otherwise important to you endeavor.  If you have to sell your only current camera to buy a new one, you can't afford it if you can't be without a camera if something screws up with the new one.  Which brings me to

D.  For anything important, especially professional use, you should have a minimum of two of everything you need to do it.  Preferably you would have 3 so if one does go down you still have 1 plus a back up to keep going while the 3rd is out of service.  Yes I realize for pros who use two bodies to shoot stuff like sports, weddings events ect, that could mean at least 4 $3000-$6000 bodies+lenses. Too bad.  That's the cost of doing business. No professional level gear is cheap and every business has extensive start up costs if you expect it to make more than a kids lemon aid stand.

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