Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

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Re: Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

raminm wrote:

I thought you were talking about exposure and I was responding in regards to exposure. You original text was ambiguous as to what you were talking about.

On the other hand, in order to compare the noise performance and to understand the impact of sensor size on the noise output, the only way that comes to my mind is to use the same FF camera in two modes: FF and APSC and compare the results. That's certainly doable though I may not be one who would do that. Comparing two different cameras mustn't result in a reliable conclusion since different cameras carry different sensors (different technology level and noise performance).

I asked for a proof or source of information yet all you had to offer was mocking me by calling my post 'nonsense'. Instead, I think a properly mature response would have been to provide the audience with your source of information and if you have done this comparison yourself, to provide us with the details of you work. That would certainly be more helpful. It is hard to easily come to a conclusion if one doesn't know how the testing and comparison was being done and, it seems different people may compare things under different conditions resulting different conclusions.

Sorry, a post that starts with "Dude" and ends with "(lol)" is not what I would call a serious response.

Belittle me all you want, and try to justify yourself all you can, you cannot change science.

If you want to throw in a time factor, yes, newer smaller sensors do sometimes outperform older larger sensors, but that is besides the point. Or better, the time factor becomes rather large then.

Fwiw, this topic keeps coming up time and again, and I have done my experiments. Perhaps you should do yours, no one is going to convince you otherwise.

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