Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

Started Apr 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
K e n n e t h Senior Member • Posts: 1,066
Can you share images of the hardware failure?

BR supposedly updated their hardware to prevent accidental release...fracture of the hook is not seen often
Please share some images of the failure point so other users can check their equipment and maybe replace them before critical failure

Staffordian wrote:

The metal of the clasp that hooks onto the screw and hoop portion had worn through to a point that the metal of the clip fractured and failed.

I want to warn all people who use these straps that this can happen, especially if you use a heavy lens on your camera as the norm.

Metal wearing down on metal day after will cause this problem but there was no wear on the screw - loop part only on the clasp - hook part.

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