What a joke UPS is!!!

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Re: What a joke UPS is!!!

ncsakany wrote:

Hey, if they took money for a time-definite delivery, then heck yeah, they should be held to that, regardless of how many packages they handle.

There is a difference between expecting UPS to provide a certain level of service and blaming them for giving yourself zero margin for error for an event when a box (along with thousands of other boxes) has to travel hundreds or thousands of miles. Sure, be disappointed that UPS didn't get it there on time and maybe even ask them to refund shipping costs but to blame them for your event being a failure is absurd. And for those arguing that it doesn't matter how many boxes they have to deliver I would say it does matter in terms of what you pay for the service. If you want your one box to be the center of attention and the only thing on the truck with one mission centered around just you then I'm sure for $10000 or more you can find a company that offers that level of service.

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