What a joke UPS is!!!

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Re: What a joke UPS is!!!

Like others said, if you’re shooting something for hire you need a backup. So either you’re responsible and you have one (but being dramatic about this) or you don’t and no one is to blame but yourself, however unfortunate it may be. In that case, go to BestBuy this morning and buy an A7RII and keep it as a backup.

Next Day needs to be looked at carefully as well, some distances/destinations are actually 2 day and East to West could be. Don’t know if that’s the case but might be. Also, like others mentioned, it’s a busy time for shipping. Not a valid reason if it’s late but you have to be aware of the risk. It’s not just UPS either, I have two USPS packages I’m still waiting on. One was Thursday and one one was Saturday, but neither has arrived.

sat24 wrote:

Focus Camera came thru fabulously and got my A7R3 out of their warehouse as promised via UPS Next Day Air Saturday Delivery at no extra charge.

Now the package is still at Newark, NJ. No way it can make it to Seattle today (which means my sunday engagement is screwed royally). After about 24 hrs of having been picked up. Are you kidding me???

To anyone from UPS reading this: you had ONE job to do. Deliver my package on the date you promised and then took my money to do that. You failed.

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