G1X3 fine detail at low ISO settings

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G1X3 fine detail at low ISO settings

Wide, 15mm

Long 45mm

The lens is capable of revealing a huge amount of subject detail at all focal lengths however default Picture Style settings lead to mushy looking fine low contrast details particularly noticeable with green foliage.

I have been experimenting with the settings and am now using the following--please note this is still a work in progress.

Menu>Camera>6>Picture Style

* Sharpness strength 7/7

* Sharpness fineness 1/5

* Sharpness threshold 1/5

(note this trio of sharpness settings in the G1X3 Photo Style tab emulates the "unsharp mask" sliders in DPP 4.7.20 )

* Contrast 0 (mid)

* Saturation 0 (mid)

* Color tone 0 (mid)

Menu>Camera>6> High ISO speed NR  LOW.

With these settings I am getting decent resolution of fine low contrast details and textures including skin.

High ISO JPGs are a different challenge which I am still working on. I suspect that good high ISO images will require RAW capture. We shall see.


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