Expression Media 2 + El Capitan?

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Re: Expression Media 2 + El Capitan?

Andrew Mitchell wrote:

Thanks for your answers, and sorry for the late reply.

When Phase One bought Expression Media 2 from Microsoft, I got a free trial version of Media Pro (v1.2). I tried it out, but after just a couple of days decided that I could not live with the horrible, dark UI. So I just carried on using Expression Media 2.

It handles RAW files very slowly, as did iView Media Pro (so I just shoot RAW + jpeg), but apart from that it's perfect for my needs, as it works flawlessly with Lightroom 5. I have never come across anything that comes even remotely close to its cataloging features, and easy use of keywords.

I do everything in the program, and then import into iPhoto for its slideshow features. (I'm in 'Photos for OS X is an unmitigated disaster' camp.)

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Andrew (Brit expat in Taipei, Taiwan since 1985)

Hi Andrew,

just spotted this as I too am hunting around for an alternative to Expression Media 2, and it amazingly still works on Mac Sierra. I have invested a lot of time in cataloging my libraries with it, so it's a dilemma. As you say it's clean (albeit slowish), does it's job brilliantly, but I need a long term alternative. I too didn't like the move to Phase One, and the look, feel or price of the newer versions.

I also use "A Better Finder Rename" ( for all my batch editing of names etc., I reckon it's better than Expression Media for such work, that might be something you want to check out. It is relatively inexpensive too. They have a few other excellent little programs in the same suite too, "A Better Finder Attributes, and "Big Mean Folder Machine".

Affinity are apparently planning a DAM program or something to work with Affinity Photo, but it's hard to say how far off that is.



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