40mm STM Manual Focus & DoF Preview

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Chez Wimpy wrote:

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Hey there,

A quick observation, and interesting point of discussion.

During a landscape shooting today, I noticed that it is NOT possible to manually focus the new Canon EF40mm f/2.8 STM lens when the depth of field preview button is held down.

Resurrecting an old thread, but this STM behavior I wasn't aware of (although I do most of my landscape focusing work with the DOF button depressed, don't have any STM lenses) until I tried showing a friend with his 6D and the 50/1.8 STM how to do focus placement for landscapes on a tripod. Pretty weird limitation.

Well, I tried his 50STM today on my Sony A7II with the metabones adapter in "native" mode, and viola, I was able to manually focus the lens while the aperture stopped down. There aren't many times when the adapted lens soundly trumps the native mount, but this is one of them. It makes me wonder (again) why exactly the Canon bodies don't allow this...

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Im pretty sure this is also possible on Canon bodies. The thread is about holding the DOF button in, not about focusing when stopped down. Live view will allow you use the lens stepped down and see the effect on the LCD.

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