G3X refurb $539, hmmm....is it time to buy?

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Re: G3X refurb $539, hmmm....is it time to buy?

DUTCH van Atlanta wrote:

panamforeman wrote:

As for the present model (GX3) its only distinctive characteristic is its long zoom. The rest of it is just about average, or even below average. Unless you like or need that long focal length, and there are many others out there, then you are probably better served by other Canon P&S models.

The G3X was one of the best cameras I've owned in ALL respects; and I've owned a bunch in my 65+ yrs of taking pictures. I sometimes regret selling it.

My new Sony RX10IV is marginally better in some respects, but not at 2X the price.

Easier decision than in the UK as the RX10 is nearer 3x the price. This camera is the biggest price gouge I have seen to date so far better value in the States. Sony are obviously not interested in making friends over here except for people who do not care about price.

It is good to see the Canon G1X III is selling in the UK at nearer the exchange rate and they used to be not so good themselves in this respect.

I am sure that you will find the RX10 IV the better camera as you get in to it and not wanting to be a Sony menu basher but the Sony menus can have a bit of a jumbly feel to them. I remember now that to switch on GPS with my HX90V I have to go in to menu 1 of settings. Switching the AF illuminator on and off is tricky as it does not appear as a function menu option and that is something that needs to be off sometimes where discretion is required. The G1X II though has few tabs and you just have to page down all the stuff so nowhere is perfect. I actually like the much feared Olympus menus best of all so what do I know.

The whole thing is to work with the kit you have got and not worry too much about what  you had before or what other people have.

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