My Favourite Lens for Portraits: Nikon AF-S 58mm f1.4G

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Re: Bokeh smoothness does not correlate to focal length

Been reading just about every Nikon 58mm thread on every forum in the English speaking world.  I've had my 58 about two weeks (Nov. 2017).  Been raining a lot so still testing.  However, I took a shot the other day, trying to see the 1.4 sharpness, as it seems to be a huge thing.  I am posting a photo I screen captured from Lightroom that is blown up to "200%."  I'm not saying it's good or bad, just wanted to throw it out there.  There has been no AF-tuning yet.

This is the corner of a trash can outside, there is a dark trash can in the background about 2.5 feet away (two actually, the white part is the space in between them).

Nikkor 58mm f/1.4 | D800E | ISO 800 |f/1.4 | Zoom in Lr 200%

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