Stills photography -- what is the next big thing for camera imaging pipelines?

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Re: Stitching thread ??

AiryDiscus wrote:

medon78 wrote:

OK, maybe this is a little bit of a popcorn thread, but let me ask anyway:

What will be the next big improvement in cameras?

I am talking about the technical aspects of processing the captured RAW data into the final JPEG output, in camera.


I know we all love to process RAWs offline in Lightroom or another RAW converter, but I am still a big fan of "get in right in-camera".

Therefore, I would be eager to see some new ideas and development, how to improve the camera imaging pipeline.

Something to be aware of - the entrance pupil of very wide field of view lenses moves considerably in ultra-wide angle and fisheye designs. In a fisheye, it will usually walk from close to the aperture stop (deep inside the lens) to the front element for a 180+ degree design.

This has the implication that if you try to stitch with a fisheye, there is no singular center of perspective for the entire scene for each image, and you can expect artifacts and stitching failure.

A valid and helpful comment, arguably more appropriate in response to Mark Scott Abeln's posts in Roland's Karlsson's stitching thread.

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