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Re: 5700 close-up (diopter) lenses

Uncle Fester wrote:

Can I attach them directly to the front of the UR-8 without the
lens error problem as the macro mode only uses the middlle portion
of the zoom or do I have to use an extender tube as sold by
http://www.srbfilm.co.uk which they produce to allow you to use filters
etc which gets round that?

A very flexible way is to use Coolfix 5700 Adapter available here: http://members.rogers.com/nextphoto/coolfix5700.htm It has a 62mm thread to be used with Nikon's #5T and #6T. See here for some details http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1007&message=4967574 However, keep in mind that the calculations are only estimate because I did not use the actual sensor size. The error, in terms of magnification, is not very significant.

Is there a ring flash/lamp setup that anyone has used that can be
attached with a suitable macro setup? I'm thinking along the lines
of the Nikon SL-1 which would be great if it wasn't so small.

The SL-1 has a 28mm thread size which is too small. I recommend Samigon's Halo Ring Light FRL-1. Please refer to the Samigon page listed in the "Odd STuffs" section of my 4500 user guide for more details.

I've seen the Raynox closeup arrangement, which is tempting, but
you don't get the flexibility of stacking the diopters with this
setup and I doubt a ring flash could be attached either.

The Raynox MSN-500 is a high diopter close-up lens. With the Coolfix 5700 Adapter mentioned above, you will need step-down rings to go down to 37mm from 62mm. Yes, the Raynox MSN-500 has a 37mm thread. The following image shows the setup. Quality-wise, the center portion is good; but all corners are soft. BTW, vignetting is not significant, at least not obvious.

Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500 User Guide

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