Need advice on free backup program

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Re: Need advice on free backup program

Billiam29 wrote:

You seem concerned about the potential speed of a file mirroring solution based on your experience with manual copying using File Explorer. I’m about 90% certain that Windows provides file copying APIs under the hood which function much faster than File Explorer within the Windows UI. My own experience with Microsoft’s robocopy command line tool bears this out time and again. I have no experience with FreeFileSync or other GUI file mirroring solutions but I would say the odds are quite high that they make use of the same APIs or similarly speedy file copying mechanisms.

I question whether it's necessary to back up Terabyte amounts of data on a regular basis. I have my data divided into "Old Data" and "Recent Data", and only copy the recent data as required. At last check, it was a few hundred Gb.

In the past, I've used XCOPY for this, but I see that ROBOCOPY is also recommended.

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