Mirrorless vs DSLR - Why I switched to a Nikon D500

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR - Why I switched to a Nikon D500

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Pretty wrong imo

Exposing to the right is, according to me and everyone I know, to go as close as you can before clipping highlights.

Wow. I guess I'm ignorant.

Well you're just confused because many erroneously say you have to pull shadows back up after ETTR because they don't really understand how to do it right or basic metering that well. Read this post as well as the ones by The Davinator and you'll understand it better.


I guess it should be called then "Exposing to protect the right."

This is where my brain is.. Maybe I'm dyslexic.

Not really. The name comes from the correct way to set your exposure in a Low dynamic range scene, like say an overcast day with no highlights and few to little blacks and shadows. In this case if possible you should increase your exposure to just shy of clipping.  It is called expose to the right because in this scenario if you just set the exposure to what the camera wants the histogram will be a hill in the middle with little to no data on either side. Once you add exposure to the point it's just shy of clipping the "hill" moves to the right.  Of course when you process the raw file you have to adjust it so the brightness is lower and matches the scene brightness. So that's where the name comes from.  The reason to do this is to increase the signal to noise ratio which reduces noise and improves the color accuracy and tonal gradations.  Low signal, in other words low amounts of light hitting the sensor, is the primary cause of noise in a photo not the ISO like many are taught incorrectly as beginners.

In a scene with more dynamic range that your sensor is capable of recording as discussed in that thread it becomes a game of trying to keep the highlights you don't want to clip from doing so while not having to expose the mids so low when you pull them backup up they are noisy and have poor color. Sometimes the only solution is to blend two exposures.

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