RawTherapee creates two pp3 files?

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Re: RawTherapee creates two pp3 files?

Sebastien Guyader wrote:

So if I want to save the RT default, I should create a JPEG, then continue editing.

You can also create snapshots (though currently these states are not saved). Or save the profile manually a give it a name yourself.

Thanks. I'll get in the habit of saving the first *.pp3 from RawTherapee defaults, then save the other in a different folder with the resulting JPEG.

As I said, RawTherapee does an excellent job with Fujifilm X-Trans images, initially.

I don't know which camera you have, but dcp profiles have been included for a couple of cameras, maybe that's why you see better defaults now.

I don't have an X-Trans camera yet, only EXR models, but I'll probably buy an X-T20 soon. I'm sure I can take advantage of Raw+JPEG when needed, especially for highlight recovery. Most of the time I'll be happy with JPEG, I predict.

Reading RawTherapee documentation, I'm struck by excellent results from Edge sharpening + Local contrast, and Contrast by Detail Levels. Both look better than Photoshop Smart Sharpen. But who knows? I don't have time to compare, because Photoshop involves starting up the old XP machine.

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