Canon 7D Mark III - Wish List

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Re: Canon 7D Mark III - Wish List

26mp seems right to me. With the Canon 1.5 crop factor versus Pentax/Nikon/Sony 1.5 26mp works out to almost the identical reach to a 1.4 TC on a Nikon D500 or D7500. NX1 had 28mp but with an 11% bigger sensor. Any more than that and you're throwing away potential depth of field through diffraction and the smaller circle of confusion. Bokeh has its place but aperture dials exist for a reason. 29.5mp would be the same pixel density as the newer 20mp M43 sensors but M43 has a lot of very fast (0.95) lenses to compensate as well as IBIS in most bodies so you don't often need to encounter the pixel level noise.

If a 5DS mk11 comes out first that might give us a clue. They can save money by developing the same block sliced differently. 61MP 5DS would suggest a 24MP 7DIII. 66MP 5DS = 26MP 7DIII.

More importantly than raising nominal resolution again I'd like them to increase per pixel resolution. There's considerable potential for that.

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