Explain 4k (resolution) vs Megapixels (resolution)

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Re: Explain 4k (resolution) vs Megapixels (resolution)

MrBrightSide wrote:

So then would it be safe to say that the 3-sensor 4K cameras from Sharp and Sony will provide video image quality that single-sensor 4K cameras can't match, lenses, illumination, and processing being equal (even though they have smaller 2/3" sensors)?

The Bayer filters used in conventional sensors create an image file with an effective resolution about 2.3-2.4 times lower than their advertised resolution.

Depends what you mean by a "4k single sensor camera", and "processing being equal". 4K characterises the display resolution.

Is it an 8-10 Mp Bayer sensor which needs to interpolate and de-mosaic the colour channels, a 24-32 Mp sensor with full RGB information for every 4k pixel, or something different?

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