Luminar 2018, Windows 1.0.1 Patch Impressions

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Luminar 2018, Windows 1.0.1 Patch Impressions

UPDATED with links to an advanced Luminosity Masking tool. The lack of on screen preview or editing of the mask in Luminar 2018 1.0.1 is not impressive to me.

Lumenzia paid, $39. Free less powerful but enticing version is sent via email if you subscribe to Greg Benz newsletter.


Ok, back to the original post:

I see there are a couple threads started but as a Windows user I would like to know if anyone has seen the vast improvement. And more importantly fixed what was so broken after the previous update and initial launch.

I have a pretty decent Windows 10 64bit machine, 128gb SSD, 16gb Fast ram, 4gb GTX card, etc.

As a plugin in PS CC. Luminar 2018 Version 1.0.1 (1043) returns a destroyed blank layer after applying ANY edits. Yes you can send the background layer and get it back with edits but that is ludicrous. Even duplicated background layers including such applied Luminar edits once duplicated to another layer can not be edited.

OK, so they said they fixed that, but didn't. But what in the standalone version of the program. Workplaces are there, that is nice. These are presets with zeroed out filters and that is desirable. Overall the program seems a little faster. But and this is a huge but - if you open another image after making however many edits on the current image - all changes get flushed, that is if you don't manually saved an export, that defaulting to the inferior JPG or manually set to TIFF. Same thing if you just exit the program, poof! Your edits are gone, it is like magic! I haven't seen another program that didn't ask you to save your work before exiting or that didn't automatically do this for you since the 1980s. That is is over a quarter of a century and apparently Skylum just hasn't figured out how to do that. Native file saving with edits intact and re-editable wasn't promised till Mid January from the start and that is perfectly fine. But this level of incompetence is inexcusable as best I can tell.

Personally it is not so much the time or money I have spent on this software that is the most frustrating. It the combined effort and money tied up by all the users that are too shy to voice their frustration or to shy to ask for refunds.

I started this thread not so much to complain. I would love it if other Windows users of Luminar 2018 version 1.0.1 are having a great experience or show me how I am wrong and that the Plugin version is working well. or that the stand alone version doesn't flush your work if your not careful enough to save the file before opening another image. Or perhaps you know of a way to edit a luminosity mask after creating it and can actually see the mask on the image? I would like to hear your experiences, before I possibly go to the trouble of creating and publishing a YouTube video highlighting my experience to date with Luminar 2018 with tons of keywording so people can find the video and links to various forums here on DPReview, Fredmiranda, and several more I am sure I can find. Show me I am wrong please.

P.S. As I have already found what appears to be a better solution in the latest demo of ON1 RAW 2018 for windows. It is more expensive and less abundance of free presets and filters, but it seems to work solidly right now and has the polish of scratch disk management and a lot of keyboard shortcuts. And it works incredibly fast, a greater learning curve, but it works. A heap of free education is provided by Scott Davenport. He also has some Luminar videos on Youtube, you can find them here.

Here is a screenshot of ON1 adjustments applied over a Smart Object Layer in PS CC. I can not say just yet I recommend ON1 yet, but so far it is working for me. ANd highlight recovery is better, yet Detail Enhancement in Luminar looks better on first tries.

bugbait - Stephen Casey

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