Have I lost interest in photography?

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Have I lost interest in photography?


Almost 10 years ago I got my first real camera, a Nikon D90, which I primarily bought to take with me to the Rocky Mountains. I got a tripod and a remote and had a lot of fun taking these images. Besides travel and landscape pictures I used it for all kinds of photography. Basically until smartphone cameras were becoming good enough use. Due to the weight and hassle I started leaving my D90 at home. Eventually I sold it.

I think in general I have lost a sense of wonder I used to had when I was younger. The Rocky Mountains trip was my first big journey outside of my country or neighbouring countries. Since then I have seen a lot of other beautiful countries and locations and only the truly exotic locations can excite me anymore. When I am not excited I don't seem to take pictures, besides, everyone takes pictures now so there will always be better pictures, also I never waited for the perfect light or weather, everything was by accident. That further discourages me to take pictures. Additionally, I used to have a computer addiction, and now that I've overcome that addiction I don't like spending a lot of time behind a computer. So I have started to dislike post-processing, something I used to love. Lastly, I have no urge to share my pictures, I don't really know why. Also, when you have tens of thousands of pictures, when will you ever look at them again? sure you can sort out the best, but over time, those best will also stack up.

But because I really love outdoors and somewhere there is still this urge to take beautiful landscape images, I have bought a Fujifilm XT2. Doubt is taking over though so I'm not sure anymore what's the right thing to do. Anyone else had this problem? Or any advice to give?

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