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Re: From previous thread: how is that??

GasmanSteve wrote:

It’s simple: by the time you do what you need to do (in terms of time, leaning effort, money, etc) to bring Affinity Photo to a performance level similar to the L/P combo (if that’s even possible), you have spent much more than $120.

My reasoning assumes that your time and work are valuable ($), of course.

Same reasoning applies to a bunch of sub-par raw-developer applications that only have a low entry price (it’s never the final price) going for them.

So you don`t have to spend time and effort learning LR/PS.......??????

Of course you do - but the number of tutorials, manuals, books, videos, brushes, actions, plugins, websites, online courses, etc., etc., is so big for LR/PS that the learning process is much faster, efficient and economical.

There is also time and effort spent compensating for the bugs and limitations of cheap software on version 1. And it often requires the purchase of additional software to provide some of the missing features...which in turn takes time and effort to integrate...etc, etc.

There is a whole ecosystem in place for established software. A lot of the newcomer software offers are only attractive in price and promises.

That said, the above may not matter to a person who only needs Picasa. For those who would like to get immediate and long-term value for their investment (not just money, but time and effort, too) and also want to go beyond the absolute basics, a more established product ends up being cheaper and more enjoyable.

There are options for all levels, tastes, goals and perspectives. I’m not saying everyone should buy the most expensive solutions - just making less experienced users aware of the fact that cheap often comes with a high price tag. Just like lenses...or women!

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