300MM PF with 1.7X

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Re: 300MM PF with 1.7X
  1. InFreeLB wrote:

Jimusny wrote:

saaber1 wrote:

Jimusny wrote: when I shoot a BIF with my 300MM and either PF I bet that 90 percent are in pretty decent focus, with the long zooms I get just the opposite where maybe 10 percent of a sequence are if any...

That's strange, it should be about the same (assuming it's focus vs. some other cause).

Have you tried using AF-ON (AF-C and dynamic 9 or single point) and aquire the bird when zoomed out to say 150/180ish, then zoom in and hit/release, hit/release the AF-On button when you're focus box is on the bird (or preferably hold it down as long as you are on the bird). I wonder if AF system is too quick to aquire background vs. bird (change custom setting A3)? You may have tried those already, just thinking out loud why it might be different.

I probably shouldn't have said not in focus but sharp enough focus, it doesnt seem to hunt and locks on, I just cant seem to get a sharp shot on BIF, I took the G2 out tonight after wok hoping an eagle would come by. although this was on my D7200 not D500, This gull flew by in nice light, all 10 shots I took were about the same with these two being best, the 300MM and PF and either TC would have nailed it. and this eagle about a half mile out, even with the little 300MM and 1.4x it would have been better

I just re-watched Steve Perry's video comparing the 300 PF and the Nikkor 200-500. Among other things, he concluded that the 300 PF's AF (with and w/o teleconverters) was "snappier" than the 200-500. His review and your account had me looking for a good deal on a 1.7 TC II. Furthermore, Nasim's review on photographylife.com was encouraging, and I found a mint 1.7 TC with 6 months warranty at a great price. Can't wait to put it to work. Thanks for sharing.

I just used the 300mm PF with 1.7TC II on my D850, with very good results.  And it absolutely nailed it with the 70-200 FL.

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