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jerrysdean43 wrote:

I have used Lightroom for many years still have LR6, I have totally switched to Luminar 2018 for editing, it has a better user interface in my opinion then LR, more modern and cleaner.

Have you looked at the new CC version of LR? It's a lot lighter than the last buy-to-keep version. Although to be fair I'm doing all of my image editing on an iPad Pro now - just to see if I can - and the Mobile version is very capable. The only drawback is that I think the LR CC version doesn't yet do plugins which is not great.

When I used my MBP for editing, and I may well go back to it for some edits, I used an old copy of PS - CS6 I think - and ACR for most of the basic edits and then either Nik or Luminar as a plugin. This got around the slowness of Luminar at processing raw and proved a more manageable workflow.

It is easier, faster, has more filters then LR and the results are just as good and better in some areas.

But... As far as I can see, LR was never really meant as an editor in the same way as PS or similar is. It's always been a DAM with the controls for ACR packaged in a nicer UI than the grey Windows 95 look ACR has as a feed for PS or PSE. But lacking many of the additional capabilities you need to really edit images. Which is why Adobe's original CC offering paired PS and LR, and still does in one of it's forms.

Luminar will add a DAM feature in early 2018, meanwhile I am using Image Capture to import images and just have my own library setup that I will import with the Luminar Dam when available.

Just as a note of caution, MacPhun were promising the DAM as coming soon all of the time people, like me, were investing time and effort into using Lumniar 2017. Not saying they won't ship it but I will believe it when I see it.

They also promised faithfully that performance improvements - RAW processing and memory usage - were being worked on in February last year. None of them materialised in the 2017 version. Sigh.

I am not interested in the Adobe subscription model. There are several great alternatives to LR out there. I do not miss the antiquated interface of LR at all and will soon delete it from my system.

What would you recommend as a like-for-like replacement for LR? I'm committed now due to working mostly on my iPad Pro but would be interested in what you think is a capable replacement?

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