Canon 70-200 L f4 non IS Vs Canon 70_200L f4 IS

Started Nov 22, 2017 | Questions thread
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Re: Canon 70-200 L f4 non IS Vs Canon 70_200L f4 IS

I picked up the 70-200 non IS used for a very low price. I shot some sports and did a family photo session with the lens and I was very impressed. I have since read reviews and forum responses to almost all the L lens. I know there are a large number of exceptional lenses available. And someday I would like the f2.8 IS Vii lens but since this lens is awesome I will wait until i have the 100-400 and the 16-35 f4. I'm not saying the 70-200 f4 Non IS lens is the best version or sharper then the other versions of the 70-200. Just that it is awesome and also the least expensive version. I shoot it on a $50 monopod and no issues with camera shake for sports outdoors.

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