Thoughts on XT2 -- coming from Canon

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Thoughts on XT2 -- coming from Canon

Hi all,

I have decided to throw my 2 cents here after using XT2 (with 18-55 and 35/2) for about 3 weeks. I will keep it very brief as I am not a pro and my background came from Canon 20D, yes you read it right, 20D which is more than a decade old so obviously I will think XT2 is miles ahead of my 20D. Anyhow, I got the cam for my brothers wedding in Budapest and after 2000 + photos, here are my thoughts:

Good about XT2:

1. ease of use: very good. I had to experience with Fuji before, and took me about 1 hr to get accustomed to the buttons and menu. Love the dials without needing to take your eyes off EVF to change the setting. Q menu was welcomed for quick access and could customized short cuts to your liking which made it even easier to use.

2. Pic quality: no brainer, its miles ahead of my 20D, its 8mp vs 24mp. so no need to say more. Fuji lens was sharp and detailed. I used to own few L lenses, but I guess its not fair to compare as my 20D just doesnt have that much resolution to test the lens' full potential. but I like what I see from the Fuji.

3. Lens: Wanted to get 16-55 at first but glad I went for 18-55 cuz the IOS. I would have missed a lot of the shots if I didn't have IOS. Originally I wanted to get 16-55 and travel with only 1 lens, but after reading many reviews, I learned 18-55 is also very good and despite F4, its compensated with the IOS, and man I am so glad I did get the 18-55 and it did not disappoint me. But what about Bokeh? exactly thats why I wanted to go for 16-55 and IOS can't not make up for the bokeh... so thats why I got the 35/2 for better portraits.

4. Color: I wasn't a believer before I tried, but now I am a huge fan of Fuji color. Some ppl said you need minimal PP effort to process fuji files, I didn't believe it or thought it can't be that different than other brands. Man was I surprised! took 2600 images and selected 300 to PP, and took me 2 hours... If with canon I easily need a whole day. The color is just right, sometimes I make an adjustment but a lot of the times I change it back cuz the OOC looks more pleasant! and its true that JPG files are very good so thats why a lot of ppl shot JPG exclusively and not RAW at all. Color presets are excellent, gives you the look you wanted. In case if you want to know which ones I shoot... for ppl shots with color, I like classic chrome, and for landscape obviously the velvia and for B/W for sure the acros, they all gave very pleasant color for the purpose.

Now, the not so good -- pretty surprise that there are things XT2 can't outperform a 10+ year old camera huh?

1.continous focus --I could do F1 with my 20D, seriously I could and I get pretty good results and hit rates. But for XT2, I find the continuous focus is less reliable... I was just shooting moving people, not even F1, I find the hit rate was mediocre, so I ended up used single focus and burst mode. 18-55 was ok cuz its wider but 35/2 is not fast in AF-C, and in low light the hit rate suffers. I will not be confident to take it to F1.

2. Replay menu: Maybe I missed something but I can't seem to figure out. I find the replay menu is not easy to use. Say for example, how can I jump from a page of images to next instead of pressing "down" button and go to the next page, Canon could easily jump from page to page, and say if I am on page 3 out of 5 pages of images how do I jump back to the most recent taken image? I can't seem to figure it out other than take another photo. And it doesn't indicate how many files you have taken... not a must know item but good to know I guess.

Probably not very useful to most of you cuz I don't think anyone is jumping from a 10 year old camera to Fuji, but I thought just to put it here in case anyone wants to read it. Happy Friday guys!

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