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HatWearingFool wrote:

AndyMulhearn wrote:

HatWearingFool wrote:

Since you use a Mac i would seriously look at


It lets you use apple photos as the DAM but gives you a serious raw editor.

No comment on Picktorial, but does anyone seriously look at Photos as a DAM?

Millions of people use photos to handle their photos on macs. It is pretty much the defualt option so there is a decent change the OP is already using it. It also syncs everything nicely between all of your Apple devices (phone, mac, tv, etc)

Which doesn't answer the question which was does anyone seriously look at Photos as a DAM?

The fact it's free and people use it, it makes my eyes hurt to look at it and it has limited functionality so I don't, doesn't make it a DAM.

So there is a lot to recommend it.

Free and installed by default. That would be about it from my point of view.

I know quite a few Mac users who export photo's into photo just for the syncing and sharing, so if you are going to export the final product into photo why not just do everything there if you can?

Because you can't do everything there. Last time I looked it doesn't handle edits well which sort of defeats the object. You can't do any of the standard LR stuff around searches and categorisation and so on.

I don't use photo's at the moment, but I'd consider it and picktorial if I left lightroom.

I would consider it and discount it. I used my own folder structure and naming convention rather than use Photos.

If Apple had just tweaked Aperture to keep it running on later versions of OS X they'd be in a better place. Photos is, to my mind along with removing SD Card readers from their laptops, an indication that Apple aren't interested in photographers any more.

Rant over.

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