JPGs SOOC? How do you do it?

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Re: JPGs SOOC? How do you do it?

Hoenemor wrote:

Shockwave wrote:

I think it depends on what you are shooting. For the above example, it's simply not good enough out of camera, so that's a constraint of your technique used for this specific photo. With a better technique, out of camera JPG's would be possible obviously subject to environmental factors (i.e. time constraints etc).


It's also possible to adjust in camera settings to suit scenarios. I.e. darken the shadows, but I would say this can sometimes make it more complex to get the right photo.

I have tried to, however I'm a bit constrained by the fact that I'm not particularly interested in those aspects of photography. I have taken several test-shots where I have tried to adjust and make custamizable profiles. However, I'm just not good enough at two things (I think). First, seeing how to tweak the settings to the best result, and second to know which profile is best suited for a given situation.

If I use the above example, I would typically have configured the camera to take the photo with settings to make it a completely black background (without flash - I.e. smaller aperture of at least f5.6-f8, I can't see what aperture you used, your ISO is 500 so I would have dropped it to 200 and used a fixed ISO, etc) and only then introduced flash (off camera) to apply the appropriate lighting and make sure it didn't impact the background. I.e. you setup your camera for ambient and then apply the lighting as a next step.

I have no idea what aperture I used... I just bought an adapter for my nikon lenses so its one of my vintage lenses. Thanks for the tip on the off camera flash. It would not have been possible in this situation as I was just playing around with my nieces, but I have been planning to invest in some triggers so I can use my canon flash with my X-T2. So thanks for the reminder, as I need to order them to be ready for the holiday season...

Obviously, its easier said than done, particularly with kids where they don't follow instructions well, but that's why photography isn't easy.

The alternative to consider is the use of an iPad or iPhone for editing as this will simplify the workflow.

I have thought about it, and not sure where I'll land. I really want an Ipad for photoediting, but I just sold my old ipad 2 a couple of months ago as I hadn't used it for approx 6 months (and it was really slow). I have a macbook pro (2 yrs old) which i (practically) only use for photos. I already think this computer does not get enough use, and I really can't justify buying another device which will mean that I divide up the total amount of time spent on two devices rather than one... (i think it is a waste financially as well as environmentally...). I can't foresee a future where I only have an ipad, so im conflicted.


Off camera flash is actually easy with kids. Put the flash in a small softbox, handhold it with your left hand and arms outstretched and the camera in your right hand. With handholding the softbox, you can chase them around the room

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